I grew up in Florida, and met my wife of 25 years while in in school at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  We have served Christ together in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Finally back to Georgia.  We have four supercalifragelisticexpialidocious children.

If I am not reading a variety of books, you can find me home roasting coffee, gaming on Playstation network as Prophet15151, woodworking, or in the confines of some elusive antique store.

Having grown up in an average  Christian home, from an early age I was taught the bible.  However, as adolescence took hold of me I coveted the things of the world.  Music, money, and Ferraris were my gods.  The pleasure of the self made a deceitful harmony between my false faith and my enjoyments.  I can literally remember rationalizing over and over again, “As long as I am saved, and I can’t lose my salvation then I am all right with God”.  This belief permitted me to continue in sin, yet guilt haunted me.

At age nineteen I was my own master.  By age twenty I was enslaved with many of the same self serving thoughts of the prodigal son.  In that course of life I too came to my senses, “If only I can be taken back” I wondered.  Thus, It was at that time I tried church again.  I clearly remember a Friday night Bible study.  The peers there were not all about themselves.  They were displaying a care for everyone who joined in, a care that I had never known.  I was amazed at what I experienced.  People wept in prayer, without it being for show.  Sins could be confessed without judgment, and  met with forgiveness.  As the days went on I was beginning to sense the call of God to be saved.  Then one Sunday the question was asked, “Do you know that you know that you know if you are saved, and what evidence can you give”?  I spiritually wrestled all that afternoon. That September 4th would bring me saving grace.

From that point on the scriptural truth of old things passing away and all things new was proven over and over.  My old idols we no longer of value.  God changed and continues to renew my mind and heart.  Where once my Christianity was box checking legalism, I found grace that pardons and restores.

It would be another four years till I would embrace another call and that to ministry as a vocation.   This calling came out of the love I had in discipling my eight grade boys Sunday School class.  From there I went on to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to gain a start for much of the education needed to minister.