A Few Thoughts on Cussing

(This is a requested reprint of a previous blog article.)

While shopping in the Christmas season I have encountered people with heightened emotions.  Distracted and aggressive drivers are causing problems on the road.  Aggravated shoppers more fastidiously claim their spot in the aisle, and bristle.  Others greet one another more joyously, and tune in with the music being played.

One particular fellow I encountered stood out.  While shopping in Lowe’s he began a dialog with a salesman who was helping me.  I truly believe if I kept count, at least ten percent of his words fell into the swearing category.  One in ten.  Ten for every one hundred.  A full six minutes of blatant expression every hour.  I walked away wondering why he even cussed at all?  His over use of emotive words has me pondering.  Thus, I have come up with a list of reasons not to cuss.

Swearing reveals your hard heart.   It says that you can be difficult to deal with.

When expressing oneself with such language, others may simply write you off as being an exaggerating pessimist.

Vulgarity offends and reveals that you have little consideration of others. It reduces the communication to being all about you.

It diminishes your ability to express anything that truly deserves exclamation.  It is akin to an e-mail in all caps.

Swearing does not gain any sympathy for your situation nor does such elevate you to a position that we should awe or respect.

Cussing simply shows a lack of being able to convey the emotions you have in an educated manner.  It makes the swearer seem reactive rather than insightful.

The use of such language does not solve any problem.  It may, in-fact, compound the situation.  It also wastes time.  People who are problem solvers will fail to ascribe a value to your opinions, thus it removes you from the group of solution oriented people.

From a God-centered point of view, it is a blasphemous decree against the sovereignty and plan of God.  It fails to recognize His goodness and lacks faith to trust in Him to work good from the situation.  It is an affront to His ways, purposes, and joy.

I am sure this list will promote two things.: create thoughts of reform on the subject in our own lives, or incite more cussing.   Emails will surely follow, some attempting to push the envelope of toleration.  But regardless, our words reveal our hearts.  What do we want others seeing within us?

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