Sermon Notes:Anxiety pt 1 Luke 12:13-34

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Notes for this message.  

Much of what was spoken in this message is not in the notes.  I want to encourage you to attend our church or at a minimum look for next weeks installment for a practical walk through of the scriptures to battle anxiety.

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Sermon Notes from Sunday October 16th, 2016


Luke 12:13-31

Anxiety is a twisted form of an emotion that God intended to be for our good.

The original emotion of watchfulness or vigilance, was so that a person would be watchful for the wonders of God and to look out for the care of others; such as a mother to her child.

However, when sin entered the picture so did selfishness.  This led to anxiety, a watchfulness overload.

Anxiety is vigilance without faith in God.  It is a turning to self.

Anxiety is not looking to God but looking to the strength of your own abilities.  It fears loss.  Fear, that accompanies anxiety, is our response when we are uncertain about our future and/or our supply of resources to meet a need.  Often, it looks at the danger of the situation, rather than looking at God and His promises.  This is a lack of faith.

Some people struggle with anxiety after severe or ongoing causes; battle in war, traffic accidents, growing up in abusive homes, and the like.  Some folks, resort to anxiety as a means of at exerting at least some control over a situation. We need to be gentle with each person as an individual rather than using a blanket remedy to say read the Bible and pray.  Real help comes when we care and walk with an individual who is struggling.  God helps those with anxiety through the discipleship of the church, using Scripture and through the Holy Spirit, to grow in faith, thus finding God rather than reasons to fear.

The more we know God and have lived, abiding in Him by His word, and having come through trials and temptations, the less we will experience anxiety.  Because of this, greater growth occurs, enabling us to be faithful to persevere, having our joy in Him.

Turning to the scriptures…..

20 laying up treasure for God vs self

22 Therefore, do not be anxious about your life.  James 2

Eat= food

Body= health, fitness

Put on= appearance, fashion, style

24 Consider ravens, God feeds them

25 Who, by being anxious can add a single hour?  (It only ruins many hours)

26 God calls it a small thing to lengthen life.

27 Consider Lillys of the field

29 Do not seek- food or drink or be worried

31 Instead seek His Kingdom

32 Fear Not. Little Flock (Compassion, tenderness)

33 Converse of store up= sell your possessions

Give to the needy

Provide moneybags that do not grow old

Treasure in Heaven

No their or moth or rust

Anxiety is a heart issue.

Pills do not cure the real problem, they only minimize symptoms

We are a nation addicted to prescriptions

Medicines can help.  No one should ever abandon medication without a doctor’s approval.

Anxiety is a faith issue- Knowing God

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the world of God.

  • Context of application
  • Application comes through doing what the Word says with our problems
  • Perseverance factor

Problems are an opportunity to apply the Word of God and grow.

By that we gain experiential knowledge of God. He does what He says He will do.

What is the treasure of your heart?  It will not find peace or joy unless it is in the Kingdom of God.

God speaks to anxiety.

  • Red sea experience
  • Jerico
  • David pursued by Saul
  • God speaks of the Kingdom

These two are related, success/joy/value/ eternity are all wrapped up in our abiding in Christ.


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