Before you post that news……


Dear all,

This past election has taught me several things.  One of the most prominent lessons is the age-old adage, “Don’t believe everything you hear,” or for that matter read, especially on the internet.  Many times, alarmist groups or personalities go about slandering others by creating nonsense stories.  Each lie follows the plan of Satan, wrap a whole lot of evil in a truth coating.  This is just how Eve was deceived and ate of the forbidden fruit.

Listed below is a short list of some of the more popular websites for checking the credibility of stories, rumors, and facts.  One helpful tip is to copy a portion of the story, paste that in your browser search bar, and see if it comes up anywhere else.  Odds are, that if it is old news, hyperbole, rumor, disingenuous, urban legend, factual, actually true, or credible you will find it mentioned in a reliable source to confirm or deny suspicions.

Even if a dear trustworthy friend posts a story on Facebook, you need to consider whether you are falling victim to fake news.  I personally have failed to do this in the past, and it causes embarrassment.  As Christians, we need to be wise, are commanded to stop gossip, and should concern ourselves with righteousness in all that we speak, post, or read.

By the way, I am not endorsing these sites or advertisers that may be connected with them.  They are secular sources and should be treated with caution themselves.




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