What I read in 2019

Every year I try to read 52 books.  Once the holidays hit the pace slows considerably.  With a move from Kentucky to Georgia, I still managed the following.

Good and Angry.  David Powlison
Leading the Unleadable Alan Willett
Q B Q the Question Behind the Question John G Miller
Shout Sister Shout Gayle Wald
In Remembrance of Me. Jim Henry
Prince Caspian. C S Lewis
The History of Poplar Springs North Baptist Church
Honor for Aging Parents. Judy Hale
Pixar Storytelling. Dean Movshovitz
Nighthawks Charles Johnson
The Sinking of the Indianapolis
The Ghost Ships of the Arcangel William Geroux
The Gospel Ministry Thomas Foxcroft
God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel. Costi Hinn
The Heart of Domestic Abuse. Chris Moles
All the Songs The Beatles
The Jesus You Can’t Ignore.  John MacArthur
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism. Mark Dever
Facing Snarled and Scowls. Croft & Carroll
Passions of the Heart.  John Street
The Fellowship of the Ring. J RR Tolkien
Talking to Strangers. Malcolm Gladwell
The Gospel Comes with a House Key Rosaria Butterfield
Prayer, it’s Not About You. Harriet Michael
A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens

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