Books I read in 2018 for Growth, Learning, and Entertainment.

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Every year I attempt to read a book a week. Reading keeps us sharp, engaged, and relevant. As it has been said, “A person who will not read has no advantage over the person who cannot read.”  To stop learning to to begin dying. Let me encourage you, read, Read what interests you, challenges you, and what encourages you.

What are you reading?
Here is my list.
  • The Gospel and Mental Illness. Heath Lambert
  • Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong.  John MacArthur editor
  • The Lion,  the Witch, And the Wardrobe. C S Lewis
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution.  Stuart Scott
  • Leadership Pain. Samuel Chand
  • Between the World and Me. Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • The Heart of Addiction. Mark Shaw
  • The prayer that turns the world upside down. Al Mohler
  • Gospel Fluency. Jeff Vanderstelt
  • Right Color Wrong Culture. Bryan Loritts
  • A Vision for Preaching. Abraham Kuruvilla
  • Collateral Damage. James Carroll
  • On Guard.  Deepak Reju
  • John A Broadus. Ed David dockery. Roger duke
  • Evangelism how to Share the Gospel Faithfully. John Macarthur ed.
  • The Fish Can Sing. Halldor Laxness
  • On Pastoring. H B Charles Jr.
  • John MacArthur Servant of the Word and Flock. Ian Murray
  • Getting The Blues. Stephen J Nichols.
  • God in the Dock.  C S Lewis
  • The Holiness of God.  R C Sproul
  • A little book on the Christian life. John Calvin
  • Mobilize to evangelize. Matt Queen
  • Gospel Conversations. Robert Kellemen
  • The Pastor’s Soul. Croft & Savastio
  • Autobiography of John G Patton
  • Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations. Jimmy Scroggins and Steve Wright
  • Porn and the Pastor. Jeffery Robinson, Garrett Kell eds.
  • Did I say the right thing. Mitch Schultz
  • Lessons from a Hospital Bed. John Piper
  • On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. John A Broadus.
  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Widower to Widower. Fred Colby
  • Syd Barret biography
  • Toxic Soul. Jason & Jeremy Isaacs.
  • A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens

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